• Mosrite History

    Mosrite History
    Found this gem of article by Tym Guitars on Mosrite.  Well worth reading. Mosrite. Built in soul. One nerds obsession with the greatest guitars ever made, and the genius who made them. Semie Moseley (June 13, 1935 – August 7, 1992) Southern California in the late 1940's/early 1950's was the epicenter of people and companies working to bring this new idea of an electrified...
  • Gibson Generation Collection: Demo and Review

    Gibson Generation Collection: Demo and Review
    When I think of the Generation Collection, I think of the bedroom player who aspires to play on stage. Because these guitars offer a very personal playing experience, they work well with someone who loves to play instrumentals or just wants something that’s out of the ordinary.
  • CoolZ Guitars "History" and review

    CoolZ Guitars "History" and review
    CoolZ The Cool Z brand was a subsidiary of History guitars in Japan and were apparently sold for a specific store over there. Super hard to find and a real unearthed gem. All the Fujigen quality and playability you could imagine.
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