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Guyatone LG-23 - 3 tone Burst - Early 70s

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Vendor: Guyatone

You need a strat, you need a jaguar...  GUYATONE!

This early 70s Guyatone is an incredible melding of Fender styles into this "strat" model LG-23 - with gorgeous 3 tone burst.  And a history of punk to boot. More on that below...

But lets discuss this fine guitar.

The LG-23 is obviously heavily influenced by Fender but is a really nice hybrid of a few guitars with a smaller, Strat/Bullet shaped body that is a really nice to hold. It's a thick laminated body with body contours that make it feel very comfortable. 

This one is early 70's and has the metal Guyatone trussrod cover and blockier headstock logo. (By '74 the logo on these series had changed to a script logo with "custom made" with serial number under it.)

The vibrato is pure offset and works exactly as you'd expect, and a little Jaguar-esque. This Vibrato is one of the smoother type made in this era.
The bridge is a really nice quality Guyatone roller bridge, as used on higher-end models around this time. 

The neck doesn't have much taper on it from the zero fret to bridge.

It is very Strat / Jag / Fender in general, but the sharper horns and the offset vibrato makes it look less Strat. The guitar feels solid, heavy and plays really well when set up.
All the hardware and electronics are of obvious great quality and work amazing.



Special Note of History on this guitar:
This Guyatone comes straight from seeking in Japan.  When found, it had am Anarchy band sticker (see pics) and..  Sheet music of the band Anarchy in Japan, the legendary Japanese punk band from the 70s.  Not saying this guitar is from that band...  but it had me wondering..  regardless, finding all that in the gig bag was pretty interesting and, hummm.. never know.